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A great place to grow older

'Tell Me!' Campaign Launch

Help us to make sure politicians understand and act on the issues facing people in later life ahead of the General Election this May.
Use your voice, take action, be heard.

Age UK London's campaign on improving information provision for older Londoners launches

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Our campaigns:

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Age UK London is a campaigning organisation actively striving to get the voices of older people heard. Find out more about our campaigns and get involved.


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Our projects

Age UK London coordinates a number of London-wide projects which support the work of Age UKs and Age Concerns in London and the provision of services directly to London’s older residents.

Latest news and events

Keep up to date with planned events and information about how we're campaigning to improve older people's lives in London.

Age UK London Blog

Views, news and musings from Age UK London

Age UK London Opinion Exchange

Comment on Older Londoners Issues

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Resources for Older People's Organisations in London


Find out how you can support Age UK London

We rely on your support to maintain our vital work. Whether it’s a small donation or a few hours of your time, your generosity helps us to make a big difference to the lives of the 1.9 million older people in London.

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