Age Allies is a three year programme that will work with a range of business sectors to make London a more age friendly city.

Age Allies

Older people experience ageist assumptions, attitudes and behaviours in their interactions with others all too regularly.

Leaving service users and customers feeling patronised, belittled or ignored is not good customer service.

The Age Allies programme aims to work with businesses to help them identify where their own practice could improve. By working with older people to facilitate workshops for employees we can encourage them to gain insight into their own attitudes and assumptions.

With each participant making a commitment to one small change in attitude or behaviour we can encourage positive changes for businesses and for their older customers and service users.

By becoming an Age Ally and participating in the programme you will demonstrate that you are on the path to age friendly working practice. With an Age Champion in your team you can continue to develop the age friendliness of your organisation, one small change at a time.

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