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Getting a benefits check

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to? Find out exactly what you are owed - quickly and easily - with our personalised benefits calculator.

What is the Benefits Calculator?

Based on the information you provide - such as whether you're single/in a couple, where you live, if you care for anyone - we tell you if you're potentially entitled to claim extra money.

Why check?

Each year up to £3.5bn of Pension Credit and Housing Benefit goes unclaimed by older people. So, even if you think you're getting everything you are entitled to - it doesn't hurt to check.

Some benefits, like the Winter Fuel Payment, are entirely dependent on age - and not at all related to income. You could discover you may be eligible for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.

What do I do next?

Launch the calculator to see what you might be eligible for.

Start the benefits calculator

How to claim

The benefits calculator has shown that you are missing out on money - so what next? Download our guide, More money in your pocket (PDF 878 KB), to find out how to claim pension age benefits.

Think you're owed more?

If you think a decision made about your benefits is wrong, you can ask the office that made the decision to explain or reconsider it. Find out how...

Benefits - all you need to know

Want more information on a particular benefit? Take a look at the individual benefits pages in our benefits and entitlements section.

Further information


Our Information guides are short and easy to digest, giving a comprehensive overview of the relevant topic. Factsheets are longer with more detail, and are aimed at professionals.

You can download other guides in our series from publications

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