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You may be eligible for Council Tax Support (sometimes called Council Tax Reduction) if you're on a low income or claim certain benefits.

Council Tax Support replaced Council Tax Benefit in 2013. Each local authority now runs their own Council Tax Support schemes so there may be differences across the country in eligibility and the amounts of support given. Apply directly to your local council to see if you're entitled to support.

What you'll get with Council Tax Support

The support you get may depend on factors such as which benefits you receive, your age, your income, savings, who you live with and how much Council Tax you pay.

If you receive a disability or carers benefit, you may get more Council Tax Support.

You may even get your Council Tax paid in full if you get the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit. If you don't get Guarantee Credit but have a low income and less than £16,000 in savings, you may still get some help.

You can apply whether you own your home, rent, are working or currently unemployed.

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Download our Council Tax Support guide

Can you claim more benefits?

Each year up to £3.5bn of Pension Credit and Housing Benefit goes unclaimed by older people. See what you're owed - quickly and easily - with our benefits calculator.

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