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Who can claim Pension Credit

Can you claim Guarantee Credit?

The minimum age to claim Guarantee Credit is gradually rising. In April 2016, it's 63 years. See our chart below to find out when you might become eligible.

As long as you meet the eligible age, you may be able to claim pension credit if:

  • your weekly income is less than £155.60 if you’re single, or £237.55 if you’re a couple
  • you have a severe disability
  • you are a carer
  • you have to pay housing costs like a mortgage

Eligible age for claiming Pension Credit

Date of birthWhen you can claim Pension Credit
6 January 1953 to 5 February 1953
6 November 2015
6 February 1953 to 5 March 1953
6 January 2016
6 March 1953 to 5 April 1953
6 March 2016
6 April 1953 to 5 May 1953
6 July 2016
6 May 1953 to 5 June 1953 6 November 2016
6 June 1953 to 5 July 1953 6 March 2017

If you were born before these dates, you have already reached the eligible age to claim pension credit. If you were born afterwards, visit GOV.UK to calculate when you will reach the qualifying age using their State Pension calculator.

Can you claim Savings Credit?

If you’re 65 or over you may also qualify for Savings Credit, but you won’t be eligible for Savings Credit if you reach State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016. Only those who reached State Pension age before this date may be eligible. If you’re a couple and one of you reached State Pension age before 6 April 2016, you may be able to claim.

There isn’t a savings limit for Pension Credit, but if you have over £10,000 this will affect the amount you receive.


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