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Transport concessions for older people

Save money on your travel by taking advantage of the free bus pass and other transport concessions for older people.

Free older person’s bus pass

You can travel free on local buses in England, but the age at which you can apply for your free bus pass depends on when you were born and where you live. Contact your local authority for more information on how to apply. If you use GOV.UK's State Pension calculator it will also give you an exact date of when you can apply for your free bus pass.

Senior Railcard

The Senior Railcard is a savings card that's available to anyone aged 60 or over. You buy a 1 year or a 3 year card for a one-off cost and it allows you to save on most rail fares in the UK.

You can order a 1 year or 3 year Senior Railcard online from the Senior Railcard website using a valid passport or UK driving licence as ID. Visit their website for the latest prices and more details on any other offers cardholders could be entitled to, such as reduced-price membership for art or food societies. 

You can apply for a 1 year Senior Railcard at most staffed railway stations, where you can also use your birth certificate as proof of age. 

London Freedom Pass

The London Freedom Pass allows free or discounted travel for London residents across London transport networks, including trams, national rail, the underground, river services and buses. Eligibility for this pass is in line with the women’s State Pension age. People born on or after 6 October 1954 will have to wait until they are 66 years old to be eligible for a Freedom Pass. You can get more information and check if you're eligible on the Freedom Pass website.

If you're over 60 but not yet eligible for a Freedom pass, you can get a special Oyster card that allows you free travel in London.

Coach concessions

There is no national concessionary scheme at present, but ask your coach operator if they offer any discounts. For example, National Express offers a Senior Coachcard for people who are 60 or over. It costs £10 and offers a third off your travel throughout the year.

Regional concessions

Different regions and local authorities may offer additional concessions that apply to local transport, such as trams and ferries, if they operate in those areas. Contact your local council for more information about what they offer.

Can you claim more benefits?

Each year up to £3.5bn of Pension Credit and Housing Benefit goes unclaimed by older people. See what you're owed - quickly and easily - with our benefits calculator.

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