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TV licence concessions

You need a valid TV license if you use television receiving equipment to watch or record any television programmes as they’re being broadcast. This includes your TV, set-top box, computer, video or DVD recorder, tablet, mobile phone or any other device.

New rules mean that anyone using BBC iPlayer also needs a valid TV licence, regardless of whether or not they watch programmes as they are being broadcast. This means you need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer even if you are watching programmes on 'catch-up'.

However, you could be entitled to a concession if you're:

Do you need a licence for a second home?

The TV licence for your main home doesn't cover you if you have a second home. You will have to buy a separate licence.

If you have a licence for your main home, you won't need another if you have a static caravan or mobile home and you don't use the TV at the same time in both places. You'll still need to fill in a declaration form and send it to TV Licensing.

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