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Consumer advice

Make sure you know your rights and get the best out of shopping with our help and advice.

Consumer advice features

  • Finding a tradesperson

    TrustMark explains how you can find a good tradesperson and avoid common problems.
  • Scams and fraud

    With our varied guides, we'll help you spot and avoid the latest scams that are targeting your money.
  • Insurance advice

    Finding the best insurance deal can be a minefield. Learn where to shop and how to deal with complaints.
  • Holiday problems

    We all look forward to getting away on holiday, but, unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong. Read our advice.
  • Miss-sold PPI?

    You've had the texts, emails and calls, but what is PPI? Here is an explanation and a guide to reclaiming your money.
  • Ageism in consumer services

    If you feel that you have been treated badly as a customer on the basis of your age‚ here are some actions that you can take.
  • Investment scams

    Every year in the UK, an estimated £1.2bn is lost to investment fraud. Find out how to spot an investment scam and use the FCA Warning List tool to check the risks associated with an investment opportunity.
  • Your rights on the high street

    When it comes to returning goods that we’re not happy with, it can be hard to know whether we’re entitled to a refund, credit voucher, repair, replacement – or anything at all. Read our advice.
  • Shopping online

    Do you know your rights when shopping online, how to spot a safe site and pay securely? Our guide will show you how to get the most out of online shopping.
  • Guarantees and warranties

    When you buy an expensive new product, such as a fridge, a washing machine or a computer, there’s always the worry that it will stop working and that you’ll have to replace or repair it. Here's what you need to know.
  • Making complaints

    Have you ever wanted to complain to a big company but never knew who to contact, or decided against complaining because you assumed you would be ignored? Age UK has teamed up with Resolver to take the hassle out of complaining.

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Finding a tradesperson

TrustMark explains how you can find a good tradesperson and avoid common problems.

What you need to know

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