Christmas gift guide for grandparents

Grandma and her granddaughter at Christmas

Find the perfect present for your grandchild, no matter what your budget. And don't forget to shop around - there are lots of cut-price promotions in the run-up to Christmas.

Depending on what you want to spend, we've come up with a variety of ideas for both boys and girls, which we know they'll enjoy unwrapping on Christmas Day.

All prices are RRP, so you might find them cheaper if you hunt around.

Price bracket: Under £10 | £10-25 | £25 and over


Presents under £10

Moshi Monsters Series 8 Collectors PackMoshi Monsters Series 8 Collectors Pack, £4.99

Moshi Monsters are the cute collectable characters that are hugely popular with boys and girls aged 4 and over. Moshi fans will love this set of 5 figures from the latest series - or why not get them started on an entirely new collection?


Demon Dentist by David Walliams, £5.00 AmazonDemon Dentist by David Walliams, £5.00

This is the latest novel by David Walliams about a 12 year-old boy called Alfie who is scared of the dentist. It’s no wonder when he encounters the new dentist in town - the demon dentist. Like all of his books, this is a funny read, but there are some scary bits so it’s best for children aged 8+.


Stack and Sieve cups, £6, M&SStack and Sieve cups, £6

Stacking cups are a classic pre-school toy - but these are designed to be used in water. The 7 crab-shaped cups can be linked together to make 1 long toy or stacked into a tower - and each one has a sieve in the base for extra fun. Suitable for children aged 1+.


Robofish, £9.99, ToysRUsRobofish, £9.99

Robofish is one of the must-have toys for Christmas. It’s a motorised fish which comes to life when placed underwater, and the 5 directional swimming action makes it totally realistic. Simply remove from water and dry to deactivate. It’s suitable for age 3+ and is guaranteed to put the fun into bath time.


Marvin’s Magic Body Illusions, £9.99, John LewisMarvin’s Magic Body Illusions, £9.99

Budding magicians will love this collection of magic tricks which you can do with your own body. The kit contains prop body parts and an instructional DVD, so that kids can terrify friends and family with floating eyeballs, crazy eyes and multiplying ages. Suitable for age 8+.


Large Zelf, £9.99, ToysrusLarge Zelf, £9.99

Meet the Zelfs. They live in an enchanted garden called Zardenia, and hide away in different ‘fabitats’ in trees, rocks and dark corners. Each Zelf is totally unique and has a special power that only shines when they are loved. There are 6 to collect. Some glow in the dark, some are glittery and some have a pearly finish. Suitable for age 5+.


Pop Party 12 CD, £9.99, AmazonPop Party 12 CD, £9.99

Pop Party is the top kids’ music brand, and this CD is packed with some of the biggest hits of 2013. There are 23 songs from artists including Jessie J, One Direction, Olly Murs and Little Mix and it also comes with a bonus DVD featuring 18 music videos.



Words: Ceri Roberts

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