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Big presents for £25 and over

Deep Sea LEGO- £69.99 from

This is the flagship model from this years Deep Sea series from LEGO. There are a number more that are lower in price but this one is worth a look as there are so many elements and so much detail to it. The sets includes seven mini-figures with a whole bunch of assorted accessories and decent detail on the craft itself.

Tech Toot Toot Animals Farm - £34.99 from

There’s plenty of action taking place on this electronic farm, an interactive set with nine locations across it. Includes fun phrases and animal and nature sound effects and melodies. There are three buttons to teach colours, vegetables and numbers and further animals can be purchased to expand the set. Plus plenty of other fun elements for kids from 12 months to around four years of age to enjoy.

OSMO - £69.95 from

A very clever piece of kit this one, another way for kids to interact with a tablet but in a much more educational angle than them simply staring at a screen. The device can be set-up to teach spelling, letter recognition with physical pieces that interact with the app as well as a shape shifting game. You can also set up OSMO to help you draw freestyle copying on-screen images from the app, from online pages or, take a photo on a tablet and draw absolutely anything else. Great for kids from 5+.

ANKI Overdrive - £149.99 from

This racing set is often touted as the Scalextric for the 21st century - but it’s much more than that. Each car on the track is either controlled by an app sitting on the player’s smart device with up to four players racing at once, or, solo players can place other cars in AI or Artificial Intelligence mode - Very clever indeed. Add in their ability to conduct laser battles amongst themselves this is much more like a video game that has been brought to life. 8+ age guide on this one.

X-Voice Drone - £49.95 from

The drone market has been a huge success these past months, sales have really, yes, taken-off. Here is one that is totally unique amongst its peers as it can be ordered, with the supplied microphone, to undertake a range of commands from “take off” and” come home” to “flip forwards” or “go left”. ideal for beginner pilots or those more experienced looking for something different, you can also revert back to manual control and fly the old-fashioned way.


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