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Gifts for £10 - £25

Anagranimals - £14.99 from

Most kids have a small haul of plush in their rooms, a selected few get all the attention and many of the others often left on the sidelines. These incredible creations are each formed with three different animal parts that can be changed around with others in the range to create creatures such as Heidi the Hippo-Croco-Puss, Pedro the Pig-Orilla-Roo and Ebenezer the Ele-Zeb-Zee - Wonderful fun, top quality craftwork.

Playmobil Ark - £18.99 from

It can be difficult to buy anything that has longevity for toddlers, bits get broken and lost or boredom sets in pretty quick. This Ark is both a bath time toy and great for not-in-the-tub play. Lots of elements including the animals (two of each), Noah and his wife plus a removable deck where all the toys get stowed away when not in use.


Shopkins Scoop Ice Cream Truck - £16.99 from

Established as a firm playground collectable, now the world of Shopkins is all about mini characters that are based on everyday items you can buy in shops. This latest playset contains a couple of exclusive characters and lots of potential to role play for kids around 5-8 years old. Add-on characters cost just a couple of pounds so kids can enjoy saving up and expanding their sets.


Tweet Talking Nightstar and Baby- £18.00 from

The Little Live Pet range has been hugely successful this year, welcoming in all manner of intelligent pets that don’t make any mess. From mice and butterflies to turtles and singing birds, this particular one is super cute as it comes as a mother and baby set. Kids can chat to mother owl and she will record their voice and say it right back to them. Mum and baby also have 55 bird calls and lots of popular songs to discover.


Star Wars Hero Mashers 15cm figure - £10.99 each from

The entire range of Star Wars characters can be collected and the body parts swapped around with each other creating loads of play patterns for fans of the Force. The mashers range also extends to other heroes and villains from across the Avenger and Marvel comic titles so there are plenty to collect.


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