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Age UK has teamed up with Resolver to take the hassle out of complaining.

Have you ever wanted to complain to a big company but never knew who to contact, or decided against complaining because you assumed you would be ignored?

Resolver is a free complaints management service that can help with every aspect of your complaint. It will

  • explain your rights to you and keeps it simple, so there's no confusion
  • help you prepare your emails by providing templates
  • record all your communications and create a case file for you, saving and uploading all relevant communication and documents
  • tell you when to escalate your complaint and explain your next steps.

Using Resolver you can raise almost any kind of complaint with over 3,500 organisations, including shops, restaurants, energy and telecoms firms, banks and insurance providers.

How to use Resolver

It's simple. Enter the name of the company that you want to complain to and then select the closest match for the type of complaint you have.

When you press 'Make a complaint', you will be taken to the Resolver website, where you will get more information about your rights and the option to formally start your complaint.

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174

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