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Who to tell about the death

When someone dies, you must contact certain organisations to inform them as soon as possible. You need to:

You may need to contact other organisations as well, such as:

  • pension scheme provider
  • insurance company
  • bank and building society
  • employer
  • mortgage provider, housing association or council housing office
  • social services
  • utility companies
  • GP, dentist, optician and anyone else providing medical care
  • any charities, organisations or magazine subscriptions the deceased person made regular payments to

You could also register the name and address of the deceased person with the Bereavement Register, which tries to put a stop to post being sent to people who have died.

Tell Us Once service

The government's free Tell Us Once service lets you report a death to several government departments in one go, either online or by telephone. You will need a Tell Us Once reference number from the registrar when you register the death.

The service isn’t available in every area. Local authorities that offer the service should explain it to you when you meet with the registrar.

Taking over the purse strings after your partner dies

If you have lost a partner who you depended on to manage your finances, you may suddenly find yourself having to take on a host of financial issues that you've never dealt with before. This video from the Money Advice Service explains what you need to do.

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