Debt and savings


Don't be intimidated by high energy prices this winter - follow three simple steps and cut down the price of your bills.

Save money on your energy bills

Get out of debt 

Change in income, rising costs and the recession may have led you to fall into debt. Take action to get out of your situation by using our guide on managing debt.
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Make your money grow

If you have extra money you may want to consider investing it. We offer help on basic investment principles as well as how to find independent financial advice.
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How Age UK helps you

From state pension reform to claiming benefits and pensioner poverty, read how we work to make the most of later life for everyone


Saving money in the home

Financial expert, Jasmine Birtles will be telling Nadine how we could be saving money around the home – and it might be starting with that Spring Clean we have been putting off!

More Money Matters radio features

Saving money in the home

Financial jargon checker

We've put money jargon into plain English, so we all know what it means.
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Bank on it?

Be money smart
There are differences in the way that banks and building societies run. Find out what they are and how to choose which is best for you. 
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Rainy days

Saving money to your best advantage can be a tricky business when there are so many different ways to do so. Our guide offers simple advice on types of saving accounts, interest rates and taxes.
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Make the most of your savings

Personal finance expert John Husband shares his tips on making your money go further.

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