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State Pension gives you a regular income once you reach State Pension age. It is based on National Insurance contributions and the amount you get depends on how much you paid in.

How much is the State Pension?

The full Basic State Pension is currently £115.95 a week. The amount of State Pension you get depends on your National Insurance contributions, and sometimes those of your current or former spouse or civil partner.

You may have made contributions from your earnings or have been credited with them by the Government, if you were caring for a child or disabled person.

As well as the Basic State Pension, you may get Additional State Pension or Graduated Retirement Benefit, which are based on the amount you earned when working (and therefore the amount you paid through National Insurance).

When can I claim my pension?

The earliest you can get the basic State Pension is when you reach State Pension age.

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The age at which you can claim State Pension is changing. It is currently 65 for men. State Pension age for women is gradually increasing from 60 and will reach 65 by November 2018. State Pension age for both men and women will then increase to 66 by October 2020 and after that to at least 68.

In April 2016 a new State Pension will be introduced.

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How do I claim my State Pension?

You won’t normally receive your State Pension automatically on reaching pension age. You need to make a claim which you can do at GOV.UK. If you haven’t been contacted about claiming your state pension by three months before you are due to reach pension age, call the Pension Service claim line on 0800 731 7898.

You can claim your State Pension even if you decide to continue working past State Pension age.

You can postpone claiming your State Pension, known as ‘deferring’, and get a higher pension or a lump sum when you do claim.

For more information, download the following:

State Pension information guide (PDF 149 KB)

More money in your pocket (PDF 335 KB)

FS19 State Pension (PDF 530 KB)

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 2081