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Call centre worker for Age UK

When Mary* called our national telephone advice line we could tell immediately that she needed urgent help.

She had been pushed to breaking point - first by a leaking roof and then by all the stress that came with it. She had literally no one to turn to.

One of our expert advisers spoke to Mary and reassured her that help was available to fix her roof.

We helped Mary to access the services from other organisations that she needed. When we spoke to Mary the next day, she thanked us for our assistance and said she felt she had more control over her circumstances and that life was better than it had been.

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Mary is not alone

Age UK's free national Information and Advice line takes thousands of calls a year from people exactly like Mary. 

Their problems vary from not having enough money to pay their bills, to worrying about how to find help at home.

We're on hand to provide friendly, supportive advice and help - for many people we can be a lifesaver: there just when we're needed most. 

Just £5 could make a difference

Our Information and Advice line is free to anyone who calls, but sadly it doesn't fund itself. 

Just £5 could help to answer a call to someone like Mary.

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Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174

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