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Singles holidays

Singles holidays

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Going it alone can be a challenge - a wonderful group of solo travellers can be the answer.

Whatever holiday you’ve got in mind, going it alone can be a challenge, a wonderful group of solo travellers to holiday with, can be the answer.

Solos Holidays, in association with Silver Travel Advisor, offers a huge range of holidays, to many destinations, specifically for singles.

British Travel Awards 2014 logo - Best Medium Holiday Company Singles

Solos have been voted Best Medium Holiday Company Singles 2014at the British Travel Awards.

Tennis in Corfu, art in Italy, the beach in Turkey or an escorted tour in Costa Rica, and so much more across Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

Not only will you enjoy being part of a group, you can select the mix of ages you’d like to travel with too. So, all the safety of a group, and shared interests to create connections, along with space to be yourself.

Solos Holidays are single supplement free and fly from airports around the UK. And if you’d like to try a short break or dinner dance evening, that’s available too.

Friendships are forged and groups bond, all with the support of a Solos Holidays group leader so you are well looked after from start to finish. Take your pick of exceptional Solos Holidays trips all designed with the single traveller in mind.

Choose from a range of trips such as dances and festive breaks, walks and treks, as well as skiing or golfing holidays and more.

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