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Right now in the UK, the over-50s represent 80% of the country’s wealth – equivalent to almost £280bn. And this is a market that’s growing.

Age UK’s business network arm, Engage, serves businesses in reaching their potential with this lucrative and influential consumer market.


The Engage Business Network is a unique membership organisation with members representing multiple consumer-facing business sectors across the UK, and internationally.

Being an Engage member gives your business a significant advantage in reaching the 50-plus consumer market. Members of the network can access a range of services designed to give them a better understanding of the needs of older consumers. This includes seminars and conferences as well as consultancy and training.

In addition, members can also access information from the ongoing market intelligence research programme run by the network which aims to better understand the 50-plus market.

For more information on how you can work with the Engage Business Network to develop your business potential contact us on engage@ageuk.org.uk.

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Engage Business Network
Age UK
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Email: engage@ageuk.org.uk 

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