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The 'Improving Later Life' Series aims to present research findings written by the experts themselves, in a lay-friendly manner, to help inform those of us who are older, or work with or on behalf of older people.

These short books have brief 'chapters' on many topics relevant to older people's lives. With these books, we aim to:

  • highlight and inform on coming issues and trends
  • provide the impetus and the start of an evidence base for strategic planning policy and services
  • help professionals advise older people, their families, and carers

Note that new research is constantly adding to our knowledge, so some of the information in these books may become out of date, especially any statistics mentioned.

Further information


These PDFs are collections of topics written by experts with the latest information about different aspects of ageing and older people.

For more of our research publications on ageing and older adults, please see our Reports pages.

For more information: Call Age UK 0800 169 8787

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