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Being able to get out and about, whether by public transport or driving, is a vital way for older people to continue to be connected, to work, to access local services and to participate fully in their communities.

National and local government must take into account the needs and views of older people in all transport planning. Free local bus travel is a lifeline for many older and disabled people, who use it to get to their GP or hospital appointments, to go shopping and visit friends. However, we need to ensure frequent and reliable public transport is maintained and grown.

Age UK wants to see an informed debate on the support older people need to continue driving safely and when it's sensible to stop. Statistics on road crashes of all severities show there is no age-related increase in the total number of incidents in people aged 60+.


Video: Older people explain why bus services are important to them

The free bus pass - Briefing, February 2016 (PDF 270KB)

The Future of Transport in an Ageing Society (PDF 690 KB)

Missed opportunities: the impact on older people of cuts to rural bus services (PDF 1 MB)

Getting out and about - Keeping bus services free and sustainable (PDF 2 MB)

Age UK response - Conservative Policy Forum local transport (PDF 152 KB)

Age UK response - Transport Select Committee Inquiry into Strategic Framework for Road Safety (PDF 89 KB)

Keeping on the move: Old age is not the end of the road (PDF 1 MB)

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