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Work is important for a variety of financial, health and social reasons. Age UK is committed to ensuring that older people who want to work have the opportunity to do so.

We aim to combat age discrimination in recruitment and in the workplace, and help people in later life update their skills to remain employable.

Age UK is pressing employers to adapt to the reality of an ageing workforce and longer working lives by encouraging good recruitment, management and working practices and by challenging ageist cultures and attitudes.


Behind the Headlines - Why the employment rate does not tell the whole story about working longer (April 2017) (PDF 556 KB)

Consultation response - Improving lives: the work, health and disability Green Paper, February 2017 (PDF 305 KB)

Walking the tightrope - the challenges of combining work and care in later life (PDF 1,384 KB)

Briefing: Zero Hours Contracts (May 2016) (PDF 524 KB)

Government Equalities Office: Closing the gender pay gap  (September 2015) (PDF 270 KB)

Age Opportunity - A best practice guide for recruiters (PDF 114 KB)

The Smith Institute: Making work better inquiry - consultation response (May 2014) (PDF 308 KB)

NICE public health guideline draft scope - Consultation response (April 2014) (PDF 125 KB)

Age and productivity in the workplace - Briefing (March 2014) (PDF 298 KB)

Consultation response: ACAS Code of Practice on the 'right to request' flexible working (May 2013) (PDF 82 KB)

Consultation response: Draft Code of Practice on Settlement Agreements (April 2013) (PDF 81 KB)

Consultation response: Ending the employment relationship (November 2012) (PDF 80 KB)

Consultation response: Implementing employee owner status (November 2012) (PDF 87 KB)

Policy report: A means to many ends: older workers' experiences of flexible working, September 2012 (PDF 4 MB)

Consultation response: 'Compensated no-fault dismissals' in micro-businesses (June 2012) (PDF 176 KB)

Consultation response: Charging fees in Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeals Tribunals (March 2012) (PDF 270 KB)

Briefing: The Age Regulations five years on (October 2011) (PDF 353 KB)

Briefing: Older workers and 'job blocking’ (June 2011) (PDF 203 KB)

Constultation response: Phasing out the Default Retirement Age (Oct 2010) (PDF 185KB)

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