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Everyone would hope for a bit of help to stay independent and well at home as we age, and dignified, quality care if needed.

This support may be provided by local authority social services, purchased from private providers or unpaid support from family, friends and neighbours. There are also strong overlaps with NHS and housing provision and with the efforts of local authorities to build stronger and more active communities.

The Care and Support system is currently facing radical change. The Care Act, most of which was implemented in April 2015, replaces the entire framework of post war social care legislation. Implementation is taking place against a background of massive cuts to local authority funding and a drive towards greater integration, particularly between local authority care services and the NHS.

Age UK has been active in shaping the Care Act and is working to influence the ways in which it is put into practice.


Health and care integration - policy position paper (PDF 226 KB)

Dignity in health and care - policy position paper (PDF 267 KB)

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