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Our society and economy must wake up to the ageing of the population. Age UK is pressing to ensure goods, services and job opportunities are accessible to people of all ages and from all communities.
There is a solid legislative base to promote equality and human rights. We work with government and other organisations to ensure this law is implemented effectively and not diminished, and to raise awareness, promote positive legislation and ensure older people’s rights are respected. 


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Age UK produces a monthly opens link in new window policy and research e-newsletter for professionals interested in ageing and people in later life.

Recent publications and reports

Here's a selection of recent and important documents. For related Age UK publications please use the search box below to carry out a more comprehensive search.

opens link in new window Consultation response: Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Legal Strategy, December 2014 (PDF 351)

opens link in new window Home Office Domestic Abuse Consultation (October 2014) (PDF, 355 KB)

Download the policy position paper - link opens in new window EHRC Consultation Age Supplement (May 2014) (PDF 347 KB)

opens link in new window Evidence submission to the select committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 September 2013 (PDF 286 KB)

opens link in new window Consultation Response: UNDESA Call for input May 2013 (PDF 94 KB)

opens link in new window Consultation Response: OHCH Rights of Older People April 2013 (PDF 268 KB)

opens link in new window Human Rights Policy - Evidence Paper September 2012 (PDF 800KB)

opens link in new window Ban on Age Discrimination in Services (PDF 51KB)

opens link in new window Agenda for Later Life report 2012, Policy priorities for active ageing - Chapter 2 Active citizens, equal citizens (PDF 1736KB)

opens link in new window Expert series: Delivering the Equality Duty (PDF 671KB)

opens link in new window Getting us out and about - older people's views on age equality and age-based concessions (PDF 162KB)

opens link in new window Ending Age Discrimination in Services and Public Functions (PDF 261KB)

opens link in new window Ageism in Britain 2006. Policy Unit Age Concern (PDF 93KB)

opens link in new window Rights for Real. Older People, Human Rights and the CEHR (PDF 291KB)

Age discrimination

Age discrimination is rife. The effects are damaging both to individuals and to society at large. We meet discrimination in healthcare, social care, and in the provision of many goods and services. Age discrimination in employment is still widespread, despite the introduction of Employment Equality (Age) Regulations in 2006.

The inclusion of age as a protected characteristic in the new Equality Act is a huge step forward. Age UK is working to challenge attitudes and practice, pressing the public and private sectors to work towards making fair access for our ageing population to employment and services a reality.

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