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Banking and financial services

Age UK believes that financial services should be available in an appropriate and non-discriminatory way for all older people.

This includes ensuring that the means of access to financial services – including current accounts, savings accounts, payment methods and delegated banking options – are designed in an age-friendly way that puts the customer’s needs first.


Age UK response to the Competition and Markets Authority market study into digital comparison tools, May 2017 (PDF 361 KB)

Age UK response to Financial Conduct Authority: Our future mission statement, January 2017 (331 KB)

Age UK response to Payment Strategy Forum, September 2016 (PDF 474 KB)

Public financial guidance review, June 2016 (PDF 412 KB)

Age-friendly banking report, April 2016 (PDF 2 MB)

Age-friendly banking essentials one page infographic, April 2016 (PDF 45 KB)

Response to FCA discussion paper on ageing population and financial services, April 2016 (PDF 433 KB)

HM Treasury - Public finance guidance response, December 2015 (PDF 561KB)

HM Treasury - Financial Advice Market Review, December 2015 (PDF 753KB)

FCA Access Scoping Study Response, April 2015 (PDF 292 KB)

FCA cash savings market study report, January 2015 (PDF 110 KB)

Payment systems regulation consultation: call for inputs, January 2015 (PDF 302 KB)

Call for evidence response: review of the Money Advice Service, September 2014 (PDF 314 KB) 

Payment systems regulation: Call for inputs, April 2014 (PDF 224 KB)

Speeding up chque payments: legislating for cheque imaging, April 2014 (PDF 204 KB) 

Banking standards review: consultation paper, February 2014 (PDF 194 KB)

Banking standards review: Consultation paper, February 2014 (PDF 216 KB)

Banking Standards Review: Consultation Paper February 2014 (PDF 455 KB)

The way we pay: payment systems and financial services report (PDF 2 MB)

See also Financial Services Commission reports

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