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Age UK has agreed policy positions on a wide range of public policy issues.

These cover money matters, health and wellbeing care and support, safe at home and active communities. There are also some cross-cutting themes, covered on this page, such as age equality and human rights, age-friendly government, information and advice.

Policy positions aim to set out guiding principles and key objectives in major policy areas, but we also develop more detailed policy recommendations through carrying out research and responding to consultations. You can read all these documents in the relevant topic area of the Policy pages.

All our positions are developed in line with the ‘policy principles’ agreed with our Trustees.


Ageism and Age Equality (Great Britain) March 2016 (PDF 269 KB)

Human Rights (UK), March 2016 (PDF 110 KB)

Age friendly government (regional extent varies), March 2016 (PDF 269 KB)

Public service reform (England), April 2016 (PDF 262 KB)

Rural ageing (UK) April 2016 (PDF 270 KB)

Information and advice (regional extent varies), April 2016 (PDF 203 KB)

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