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Age Champions

Working to make our country a great place to grow older.

The UK’s population is growing older. This is a cause for celebration, but it also presents challenges for individuals, our communities and government to make sure we are all able to live well, independently and with dignity as we age.

Age UK and our supporters across the country have been asking MPs to become Age Champions. By signing up as an Age Champion, MPs agree to work to help make the UK and their community a great place to grow older.

Ways we ask Age Champion MPs to support our work

In Westminster

  • Join and be involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ageing and Older People
  • Sign up to receive our Westminster ReportAge updates
  • Work with Age UK to raise the profile of issues affecting older people by speaking in debates and raising these matters with ministers 
  • Attend our annual ‘Age Champions’ award event

In your constituency

  • Visit the local Age UK to hear about issues affecting older people locally and how best to support them
  • Ask the local council and health and wellbeing board leaders how they are addressing the needs of older people
  • Support Age UK’s local campaign actions

Become an Age Champion MP

If you are not already an Age Champion MP and would like to show your support for older people across the UK, please email

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