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Here you can find links to the power point presentations Research has done, especially the Expert Briefings, on all major aspects of the lives of older people in the UK and internationally, updated with the most recent on top.

What it means to define someone as frail

This presentation discusses frailty not just from a health-system view, but also from the point of view of older people themselves.

The Care Act & Adult Safeguarding – Implications for Age UK & Partners

Professor Jill Manthorpe, King's College, and Richard Powley, Age UK's Head of Safeguarding, discussed the new Care Act and possible implications for services.

A better life: What older people with high support needs want

A presentation by Jeanne Katz, Caroline Holland and Sheila Peace, from Open University, on research they did on this subject. This was followed by an introduction to a new Joseph Rowtree Foundation website, A Better Life, with a different, visual approach to the subject and research. 

Is there a future for care homes?

A presentation with facts and figures about care homes, and information about My Home Life, by Julienne Meyer and Tom Owen.

Note: We are making all of these resources available to you free of charge; in return, please acknowledge us in any publications when using our material.

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