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High quality evaluation and research is crucial to building reliable and credible evidence. It should be designed alongside the development of a service. These guidance and information documents could help you conduct your own research or evaluations.

Guidance – Choosing Research Methods

This document provides a decision-tree to help guide you think about which research methods are likely to be most appropriate based on the purpose of your research or evaluation.

Guidance – Types of Research Methods

This document provides information on the purpose, benefits and challenges of different research methods.

Guidance – Service Evaluation

This document provides an introductory guide to evaluation, explaining the seven key questions to consider.

Top Tips – Survey Design & Questions

This document provides top tips on developing a survey and individual survey questions.

Guidance – Qualitative Research Sample Size

This document provides information on the approximate sample sizes for different types of qualitative research methods.

Guidance – Socio-Demographic Information

This document provides information (including questions) on socio-demographic information that is useful to capture.

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