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Here you can find links to the power point presentations Research has done, especially the Expert Briefings, on all major aspects of the lives of older people in the UK and internationally, updated with the most recent on top.

Elder financial abuse

Age UK held a workshop on what is known and what can be done about financial abuse of older people. This presentation, by researchers Mary Gilhooly and Gillian Dalley from Brunel University, discusses their researchers on what it takes for professionals to feel they can do something, and what the Courts have done.

Spread the Warmth: The cost of cold

Download Professor Goodwin's presentation

This Expert Briefing included a presentation by James Goodwin about the physical effects of cold weather on older people, what the Met Office is doing with Age UK to alert older people to extreme cold weather, and Age UK's Spread the Warmth Campaign, including new research on the financial and social costs of the cold.

You can also download the report, 'The Cost of Cold' (PDF, 483KB). (Nov 2012)

Living on a low income in later life

This presentation, by Liz Sutton, Donald Hirsch, and Katherine Hill from the Centre for Research in Social Policy, is about older people's experiences with living on low incomes. Our introduction has some statistics about this group of people in the UK. 

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 2081

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