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We fund research on ageing through commissioning and through grants awarded by competitive, peer reviewed process.

Commissioned research

We commission social, economic and health research, often by competitive tender, to generate evidence on issues that affect older people.

The research is at the heart of our work to change public policy and attitudes on ageing for the better and has supported major successes, for example:

  • abolition of the default retirement age
  • increasing pensioner income
  • legislative change for a more age equal society.

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Grant-funded research

From 1976 to 2012, we have supported over 370 research projects to improve the health and wellbeing of older people.

These include projects on healthy ageing, the diseases and disabilities of ageing and the ageing process itself.

As a result, significant advances have been made in the understanding, prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of age-related health problems and in knowledge about healthy ageing.

Today, we award grants through the Research into Ageing Fund.

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