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At Age UK we aim to help people in later life to have fun, keep well, participate and contribute.  We are committed to services and activities that promote healthy ageing and wellbeing, and tackle loneliness and isolation.

Recent publications and resources

Here are a selection of recent and important documents. For related Age UK publications please use the search box below to carry out a more comprehensive search.

Improving Later Life: Understanding the Oldest Old

What was formerly a small group of exceptional individuals aged approximately 85+ is rapidly becoming a whole new generation, and the fastest growing one at that.

We're concerned that those of us who make the key decisions concerning their welfare need help to get up to date with their nature and needs.

We asked experts to summarise what’s known in their area of research about this ‘4th generation’ and set out their advice. We’ve collected these summaries into a readable, informative book.

There are chapters from over 30 leading academics such as Professor Alan Walker, Professor Tom Kirkwood and Dr John Beard, the director of ageing and the life course at the World Health Organization.

There's also an area of this site where we've collected facts and figures into a fact sheet, published case studies, and more. Visit these pages.

Social prescribing

Social prescribing is a means of enabling primary care services to refer patients with social, emotional or practical needs to a range of local, non-clinical services often provided by the voluntary sector.

- Find out more and view our webinar showcasing a successful model of partnership working between the voluntary sector and GPs. See also:

Social Prescribing Presentations (PDF 1.5MB)

Social Prescribing Q&A session (PDF 58 KB)

Social Prescribing Report (PDF 792 KB)

This paper sets out some practical ways in which your local Age UK could help your Health and Wellbeing Board to address older people’s needs and aspirations; and to harness their contributions to the wellbeing of local communities.

Health and wellbeing, boards and ageing populations (PDF, 160KB) 

Other reports:

Right Care, first time - Services supporting safe hospital discharge & preventing hospital admission & readmission (2012) (PDF 884KB) 

Breaking Through: Building Better Falls and Fractures Services in England (PDF 387KB)

Cockermouth Centre for the Third Age report on working with GPs and VCS (PDF, 423KB)

Promoting mental health and wellbeing (PDF 1MB)

Prevention in practice (PDF 1MB)

Evidence review: tackling isolation and loneliness (PDF 1MB)

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK 0800 169 8787

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