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No one should have no one

No one should have no one

The Care Act is the biggest reform of social care since 1948. What does the new legislation mean for you? What are your rights in terms of care? 
The Listening Events are an opportunity for you to find out more about key issues on the Care Act and put your questions to your local MP.

Help us provide companionship, support and advice for millions of people facing later life alone.

Please donate or volunteer today. 

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We're Age UK Sutton

love later life

As we grow older we all face new challenges but that doesn’t stop us from wanting a fulfilling, independent later life. Age UK Sutton is passionate that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to make the most of later life, whatever their circumstances, wants and needs.


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How you can help us

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Cold weather warning

Severe Cold Weather forecast


The Met Office has forecast that the severe cold weather in all regions of England is likely to last until Friday, 23rd January.
Please inform older people and make sure they have everything they need to keep warm and well.
As you get older it takes longer to warm up which can be bad for your health. The cold thickens blood and increases blood pressure, and breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.

The Met Office has forecast that the severe cold weather in all regions of England is likely to last until Friday, 23rd January. Help is available for older people to ensure they stay warm and well during the winter. 

Help to stay warm and well

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I Feel Good! Later Life Wellbeing Event

I Feel Good! Later Life Wellbeing Event

Come along to the I Feel Good! Later Life Wellbeing Event to learn, explore, experience and discover everything you need to create a happy and healthy late life.

Take part in the Crystal Palace 10k on March 22 2015 and help us fight loneliness amongst older people. 
Raise money for Age UK Sutton this Spring at the Crystal Palace 10k, which is suitable for everyone from experienced runners to first timers al

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A&E won't kiss it better

A&E Won't Kiss It Better

Accident and Emergency (A&E) services should only be used in a critical or life-threatening situation.  

Find out what to do if you need medical help

How we can help you

How we can help you

Age UK Sutton offers a range of services, from information and advice on benefits, financial matters and insurance, to providing home help and gardening services.

Explore our website or click on one of the links below to find out the many ways we can help you.

How you can help us

How you can help us

There are many ways you can help us in our work, from volunteering to donating to fundraising. From a few hours to a few pence, every contribution counts.

Together, we can make a massive difference to the lives of older people in Sutton.


Charity commission endorsedOur quality marks

Age UK Sutton has achieved the Organisational Quality Standards (OQS) for local Age UKs in England. The OQS are assessed externally and endorsed by the Charity Commission.


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