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British Museum from NE by Ham, Wikimedia, 2007Photo by Ham licensed under CC

If you're travelling on a budget this season, you'll be pleased to know that the best attractions in the city are free. Here are 6 things to add to your 'must-do' list.

1. Visit the British Museum

Housing some of the greatest historical artifacts in the world, the British Museum is widely regarded as a worthwhile place to visit. With over 8 million pieces that document and illustrate human culture from its beginnings to the present, highlights include a well-preserved Predynastic Egyptian man, the Rosetta Stone, and Hoa Hakananai’a, an Easter Island statue.

Covent Garden Performer by CGP Grey, Wikimedia, 20052. Watch the street performers in Covent Garden

For a bit of light entertainment, you can take a trip to Covent Garden. Here, street performers put on a great show for the public. The North Hall of the Market Building and the West Piazza, outside St Paul’s Church, are both hot spots for talented musicians, magicians and acrobats.

3. Explore the Natural History Museum

This vast and historical museum is split into different zones, each providing a unique and exciting perspective on our Natural History. This includes the dinosaur age, brought to life through a huge model T-Rex, as well as the Ecology of the Earth and its evolution through time.

4. Take a guided tour of Somerset House

If the Tudor and Georgian period is your thing, or if you have an interest in London history, then this free guided tour is just for you. Lasting 45 minutes, you will explore the famous Somerset House set between the Strand and the River Thames. As well as the tour, Somerset House often hosts open air concerts and films, which will cost you a little extra but could well be worth it.

5. Stroll through St. James’ Park

St James' Park by Herry Lawford, Flickr, 2011Why not visit one of the Royal parks? With its great views and access to Buckingham palace, St James’ Park is full of wildlife, and its lake is home to some very social and entertaining pelicans. Visitors can see the pelicans basking on their favourite rocks and getting fed fresh fish between 2:30pm and 3pm every day adjacent to the Duck Island Cottage. More information can be found on the Royal Parks website.

6. Don't miss the Tate Modern Gallery

Set opposite St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern is one the most favoured attractions in London. It houses a vast collection of up to 60,000 works, ranging from emotive modern creations to interactive activities. When you feel you need a few minutes to relax, head to the upstairs cafe which has wonderful views of the Thames and the surrounding architecture.


Photo of Covent Garden street performer by CGP Grey licensed under CC
Photo of St Jame's Park by Herry Lawford licensed under CC

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