Dancing holidays

Dancing feet

So many of us love to dance - it’s a human instinct to move to music! We look at holidays that get you on your feet in a variety of styles.

Scottish Country Dancing 

If you want learn your reels from your strathspeys, then this holiday might be for you! With ghillies, kilts and lively music, what a great way to meet new people whilst learning a jig.

This form of dancing is known for enhancing agility, strong legs and brisk walking. It is based on the ‘set’ groups of 8 people usually, of 4 pairs. The interchange and movement between the pairs is what keeps the dance flowing. Many of the steps are familiar from English folk dancing, and ‘The Gay Gordons’ is a popular dance whichever side of the border you are. Many local areas around the world have Scottish Country Dancing groups, perhaps worth a look before you book your holiday.


Think hot, think flirty, all the Latin American moves on a humid Cuban evening. There are lots of variations on the traditional Salsa, each fusing with a local dance style, so there’s Miami Salsa and Colombian or Cali Salsa, which comes from the city of the same name, known as the ‘Capital de la Salsa’.

This dance really is all about the beat, with down and upbeat being of great importance. Costumes are flamboyant, often with flicked and swirly skirts that accentuate the fast footwork. Salsa is primarily danced with a partner, although various circle and line forms exist too. Salsa holidays are popular and can be taken in Cuba, Spain and Torquay to name a few! There sometimes classes on board cruises too.


Possibly the most popular fusion style of partnered dance, from the French ‘C’est Rock’, known as Modern Jive and pretty easy to learn, with freestyling being seen everywhere. It is certainly less defined and formal than many other types of dance, no Len Goodman or Arlene Phillips here!

Holidays with Ceroc are a fun party, with the opportunity to meet new people and get as active as you like. Often in the UK for the weekend in or near many cities, as well as at popular venues in Spain and the Balearics. No formal dress or expensive shoes needed, just a willingness to have a go.

Line Dancing

A firm favourite, which is choreographed with a repeated sequence of steps in a group, no partner needed and hopefully, less chance of your feet being trampled! It has clear links with country and western music and cowboy culture, however line dancing is very traditional in Turkey, Greece and Israel amongst others.

Line dancing tends to be contained in a relatively small space for each dancer, with limited arm movements, as legs and feet do the work. Many dancers choose to wear cowboy boots and denims, even a cowboy hat. Holiday locations range from Blackpool, Cyprus, the USA and on cruises! It’s a great workout where you can go at your own pace, without a partner to complicate matters.

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