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Limited mobility and care holidays

There are holidays to support and help you whatever your circumstances, putting your fears and concerns to rest.


  • Accessible Scotland

    The Silver Travellers explore some of the attractions in Edinburgh and the Scottish borders that cater for those with limited mobility.
  • Travel tips and information

    Silver Travel Advisor offers tips, pointers and useful websites for those travelling with a wheelchair, limited mobility or disability.
  • Days out in the South East

    We look at some of the best accessible places to visit in the South East when walking is less easy.
  • Holiday activities

    Silver Travel Advisor offers suggestions for holiday activities for those with limited mobility or disabilities.
  • Important questions to ask

    One of the most important things to do when booking your holiday is to ask questions, particularly if you have special requirements.
  • Jacqui the intrepid traveller

    Jennie Carr from Silver Travel Advisor met a remarkable traveller, with limited mobility and an unlimited sense of adventure.


Accessible attractions guide

Discover Britain's best accessible days out with the Great British accessible attractions mini-guide. This free guide has been created in partnership with Silver Travel Advisor.

Staying safe - while you're away

Age UK’s tips for keeping ourselves safe and our properties secure.

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Sir Naim Dangoor

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