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Personal stories and viewpoints from people in later life.

Spotlight on

  • John Suchet on dementia

    In 2010, we spoke to John Suchet about caring for his wife, Bonnie, and how her diagnosis with dementia changed their life.
  • According to Esther

    Childline and Silver Line founder Esther Rantzen tells Life magazine what matters most to her.
  • Barry Norman's bereavement

    In 2011, Barry Norman lost his wife of 54 years. In this interview talks about being left on his own.
  • Still Walters

    Award-winning actress Julie Walters talks being a national treasure and challenging roles.
  • Zest for life

    Dance superstar Gillian Lynne talks about learning to dance during the war and why she keeps busy.
  • Why growing old is great

    Agony aunt Virginia Ironside challenges popular negative views about getting older.


  • Breaking records at 80

    World record holder Tony Bowman tells us why he feels like the 'luckiest 80-year-old alive'.
  • Timothy and Prunella

    One of British acting's most loved, respected and accomplished couples talk about the effect Prunella’s dementia diagnosis has had on their lives.

Martine Shackerley-Bennet interview

Martine had a sex change at the age of 67. Now 70, she is a playwright, director, lecturer and therapist. Listen to Martine talk about her work and how her creativity developed with age.

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