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Couple cyclingThere’s nothing like wind in your hair, pedals under your feet and two wheels moving you forward. Cycling is, quite simply, a joy. And with more and more dedicated cycle paths, allowing you to avoid motor traffic, it’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly as a way of exploring the countryside, in Europe, the UK and worldwide.

For the unexpected cycling holiday, how about a tour in Jordan, with desert scenery plus unique historical and archaelogical treasures? You'll visit traditional Bedouin villages surrounded by olive trees and have the chance to float all your troubles away in the Dead Sea. It would certainly make a change from Rotherham in the rain!

Or a self-guided tour of California's Vineyards, imagine gentle pedalling through the green, lush valleys covered in vines? Needless to say there are trips for wine tasting suggested and the food on this holiday is second to none. You'll also travel along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, with dramatic surf and wildlife in sight.

Cycling in Europe

Perhaps a European bike ride is more for you, if so, the choice is extensive. The cycle paths of Austria and Germany, often following the major rivers, are traffic free, nearly totally flat, taking in small towns that are full of interest.

Or for a holiday that's really leisurely and right off the beaten track, how about a group tour of the Atlantic coast of Portugal, where the fascinating history of this seafaring nation, lighthouses, castles and monasteries, is seen with the backdrop of the sea, thundering onto idyllic, white sandy beaches.

France is of course famous for cycling, and whilst you might be after a yellow jersey, for those who prefer a little less hard work, the wine growing areas of Chablis, the Loire and Burgundy offer an opportunity to enjoy two pastimes at once!

With your luggage being transported between hotels, your cycling is unencumbered and relaxed. Assorted routes in Provence provide a little more challenge, with hill top villages to be reached, but it’s all worthwhile when you unwind in the evening, perhaps with a swim in the hotel pool.

The little island of Gozo, just beside Malta, presents an undemanding, tranquil itinerary in charming countryside with a rich history too. And on a trip to Croatia’s Tuscany, the Istrian Peninsula, the laid back cyclist will find plenty to distract them along the way.

Cycling in the UK

Cycling holidays in the UK are a great way to explore new regions in depth and really experience the highways and byways. You could take to the exertions of a Highlands and Hebrides tour or pace yourself more comfortably through the New Forest and on the Isle of Wight. If you love cycling but find that hills can be a bit much, electric bikes are often available for hire. These make gradients easily manageable and in no way detract from the joy of being on a bike.

In the Lake District there are charge points for the bikes at tourist attractions and cafes and restaurants. It’s cycling without the strain! In fact, it seems that there will be a cycling holiday for everyone, almost everywhere, India, China and Mongolia included!

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