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Travel tips

Whether you're an experienced travel pro or a first-time holidaymaker, our travel advice and tips could help you to get the most out of your journey.


  • Walking holiday tips

    Walking on holiday not only makes for a great trip - but it's also a brilliant way to stay healthly and keep in shape.
  • Hiring a car abroad

    A hire car is a great way to see more of a country. Read our top tips on car hire abroad.
  • Cycling holiday

    If you're thinking about taking a cycling holiday in Europe, here are some tips from our expert Andre Volkel of Mercurio Bike Travel.
  • How to fly comfortably

    Sometimes flights can be a pain. We look at the best ways to make a flight more comfortable - and less like a travel chore.
  • Natural remedies abroad

    The Travelling Pharmacist shares some of his natural remedies that can easily be used abroad.
  • Apps on holiday

    We look at free apps that make travelling easier and enhance your holiday experience.
  • Grandparents in charge

    Going on holiday with your grandchildren is a fantastic way to bond as a family and build some long lasting holiday memories.


  • Gentle snow activities

    Plenty of us enjoy hurtling down a ski slope, but for those of us who prefer to enjoy the snow at a more sedate pace, here are a few gentle activities to try.
  • Travelling with pets

    For many of us a holiday just wouldn't be complete without our pets, but there are some important points to consider before you set off.

The world’s most travelled man

Julie Banks speaks to the world’s most travelled man, Fred Finn. Fred has flown over 15 million miles during his lifetime. Find out about his ever first flight and his favourite country to visit.

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