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Looking for free apps that make travelling easier and enhance your holiday experience? Silver Travel Advisor shares some of their favourites.

Many of us restrict ourselves to simply calling and texting on our smartphones, without ever exploring some of its other features. There is a wealth of useful and interesting apps available, and we could be missing out big time.

All of the apps recommended below are free, easy to use, and can be downloaded from the app store on your phone. Plus, because many hotels offer free wi-fi these days, the cost of using the internet on your phone while abroad need not be an issue.

Google Translate effortlessly knocks down any language barriers. Simply type the word in English and an instant translation will appear in your chosen language.

Take a photo of a menu and hey presto (hei presyo!), the English translation materialises. Best of all, speak into the microphone and, if you're connected to the internet, your own personal translator communicates what you want to say.

Magic, free and easy (magic, gratis, facile).

Google Play | Apple App Store

TripAdvisor is the perfect companion for your holiday. You can browse local restaurants and hotels or discover fun things to do in the nearby area.

If a place catches your eye, you can read reviews from fellow travellers to find out if the place is actually as nice as it looks in the pictures.

Google Play | Apple App Store

GNotes is an app that allows you to write notes on your phone and add photos you’ve taken using the camera. It's fantastic for jotting things down while exploring, so you can create a diary to look back on when back at home.

A nice feature is being able to easily forward your notes to your email for easy access later.

Google Play | Apple App Store

BBC Weather is a simple and easy to use weather app. It knows where you are and can give you a forecast for up to 10 days - ideal for planning when to take your excursions!

Google Play | Apple App Store

Timely Alarm Clock is the perfect travel partner to accompany you on a coach tour – the time zone automatically updates, so you won’t oversleep and wake up with the remainder of the party already off enjoying the itinerary.

Setting the alarm is simple, and you can personalise both the appearance and alarm music to suit you.

Google Play | Apple App Store

Aviary is a photo editing app that allows you to easily perfect your holiday snaps. There are a number of enhancements available, from removing red eye to eliminating other tourists who get in the way of that stunning beauty spot.

Plus, if you have any spots that mar your own beauty you can zap those as well.

Google Play | Apple App Store

TuneIn Radio is a great app to use while relaxing in your hotel, giving you remarkably clear reception to a host of internet radio stations from all around the world.

Additionally, you can download a huge number of interesting podcasts that you can listen to while on the move.

Google Play | Apple App Store

XE Currency is a very accessible currency converter that automatically updates to reflect world rates. This allows you to easily and reliably work out the cost of your purchases in pounds.

Interestingly, it reveals just how much it costs to buy money at foreign exchanges.

Google Play | Apple App Store

MortPlayer Audio Books makes long journeys enjoyable, allowing you to listen to audio books with real flexibility. You can quickly and easily backtrack (if you doze off and wake up to find the murder has been solved) and even set the book to stop after a certain point if you're listening at night.

Google Play

SwiftKey is the ultimate predictive text keyboard. As you type, it has an uncanny way of anticipating what you want to say, offering guesses as to the correct word.

With blemishes corrected, typing accurately on your phone becomes easy – it's particularly useful when typing on GNotes (above).

Google Play | Apple App Store

Does your airline have an app?  Most major airlines have a dedicated app designed to improve your flight experience. They can make it easier to book flights, check your departure/arrival times, and some airline apps even let you check-in online.

That’s it then, a whole suitcase of freebies to enhance your holiday, fitted into a slender device you can slip into your pocket.

Remember you will use data on your mobile when using these apps on the go while being abroad. This is called “Roaming” and charges may apply depending on the type of data allowance you have with your mobile provider. Please check Roaming prices with your mobile provider before travelling as these are different depending on the destination. Here’s a tip: To avoid any charges, you can always access the internet and use apps over WiFi

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