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Gaza Crisis Appeal

Gaza Crisis Appeal

110,000 older people are affected by the violence in Gaza; our international partner is there, helping them through the crisis.

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The Big Knit 2014

The Big Knit 2014

Raise money for Age UK Warwickshire by getting involved with Age UK and innocent's Big Knit campaign 2014. You can make a difference by knitting some mini hats to help us keep older people warm in winter.

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Lifestyle Services

If everyday tasks around your home become difficult, we're here to help. 'Lifestyle' is a flexible service offering short, long term or 'one off' assistance which includes housework, shopping, laundry and meal preparation.

Information and Advice

Information and Advice

If you are looking for information or advice, you can always turn to us.
We can offer you free and confidential advice on many issues including housing, health, care, family and personal matters.