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EE National Techy Tea Party Day

Join us for EE’s National Techy Tea Party Day on 9 September. This event, in partnership with Age UK, is open for everyone to come along to learn more about technology over tea and biscuits.

Join a Techy Tea Party

Woman at keyboard

5 common online scams

We look at 5 common online scams so you know how to stay alert and safe when using the internet.

Man on the telephone

Employment agencies

How to find agencies, including ones specialising in the over 50s.

Life after retirement

Are you prepared for giving up work? Age UK talks to one woman who realised she hadn't planned as well as she'd thought

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Life after retirement

You are never too old to learn

Retirement offers a great opportunity to improve your skills, do something you’re interested in or meet new people.

Mixed group of people

Age UK Training: learn new skills

Reach your career ambitions with skills and qualifications gained through our mix-aged programmes at our training centres around the UK.

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