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Key topics

  • Looking for work

    Our advice and resources will help you get started on your search for a new job.
  • Technology and internet

    Find a computer training course or read our guides to staying safe online and making the most of the internet.
  • Education and training

    Further education is a great way to learn new work skills, meet people and stay active in retirement.
  • Discrimination and rights

    Learn about discrimination in recruitment, and find out how to deal with disputes at work.
  • Redundancy

    Read our guides to redundancy and legal entitlements to help take away some of the uncertainty.

Spotlight on

Meet the Our rights, our voices ambassadors

Katrin McEntee visits ambassadors at older people’s forums across the UK to hear about their involvement in Our rights, our voices, which aims to promote awareness of human rights for older people.

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Dr Naim Dangoor

We are grateful for the generous support of Dr Naim Dangoor CBE and the Exilarch's Foundation

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News and campaigns

  • Billions go unclaimed

    Poorest pensioners are missing billions of benefits despite rising poverty.
  • Dignity in hospital

    Report finds poor standards of dignity and nutrition is widespread in hospitals.
  • Baby boomer myth

    A new report is challenging the validity of the ‘baby boomer’ myth.
  • Future-proofers

    A fifth of people in their 60s are adapting their homes to grow old with them.

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