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Starting your job search

It could be a while since you last had to look for a job and go through the application and interview process. This guide will show you how to find job opportunities in your local area, online or at the Jobcentre Plus.

Most employers don’t respond to individual job applicants unless they wish to invite them to an interview. Some employers receive hundreds of responses to job adverts and don’t have the time to feedback individually to people.

While this can be disheartening and frustrating, don’t let it put you off and don’t take it personally. Move on to the next opportunity and keep looking ahead.

If you find that a lot of your applications are getting rejected, you may need to get some help with reviewing your CV or your skills. For further information on CVs and ideas on where to go for help, see our CVs and application forms page.

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174

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