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The Goodman Centre

The Goodman Centre is a fully equipped, safe and homely day care
facility for those diagnosed with dementia at any stage.

Centre information


  • The centre is secure
  • There will be the option of one to one interaction
  • A client may attend more than one day depending on availability.
  • The day care lasts for 6 hours per day
  • An on-site cook will provided a healthy nutritious two course hot lunch
  • If required, transport can be provided by us suject to area and available seats.


For 6 hours of specialist care the cost is £50.00.



Clients can expect:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Entertainment
  • Scrabble League
  • Games and Quizes
  • Sensory Garden
  • Special date celebrations
  • Themed Weeks
  • Cards club





The service is available to residents of the Borough of Maidstone Social Services area.

Transport can be arranged to and from the day centre on our fleet of mini buses. We cannot promise to collect and drop off any client at the same time each day, this is due to uncontrollable circumstances e.g traffic. Collection times begin at 8am and drop off time ends at 6pm


If you, a relative or someone you know is interested in attending a centre, we will need to contact the centre on 01622 736 966 or by email at



Download the centre information leaflet