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Yemen crisis appeal

Published on 20 December 2016 10:39 AM

Yemen crisis appeal

Yemen is in crisis. A country ravaged by conflict. Thousands are already starving; hundreds are dying from malnutrition. 21 million people are in desperate need of life-saving aid. The country will run out of food in just a few months.

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  •  Over 80% of the population urgently need emergency aid
  • 19.4 million need clean water
  • 14.4 million need food; more than 2 million are acutely malnourished
  • 14.1 million need healthcare

 Older people are among the most vulnerable – unable to flee the bombing, ignored and neglected. They desperately need food, safe clean water life-saving healthcare.

We are working through partner organisations with local knowledge and expertise to support older people in this crisis. In the midst of conflict, DEC member agencies are reaching millions of people with life-saving aid across the country, but much more needs to be done.

Over 270 hospitals and medical centres have been damaged or destroyed by the conflict that has been raging for several years. Doctors and nurses have been injured and killed. More than 600 healthcare facilities have been forced to close due to shortages of fuel, oxygen supply and medicines. There have also been outbreaks of cholera, diarrhoea and yellow fever across Yemen.

People are dying or becoming disabled because hospitals have been destroyed and essential drugs are in short supply. Older people with chronic illnesses – who rely on life-saving medication every day - are particularly at risk. In Yemen, 6.3% of the population are older people, so 1.65 million people in later life are at risk.

Yemen was the Middle East’s poorest country, even before the conflict began. Now the economy has practically collapsed. Some towns and cities, including the capital Sana’a, have not had enough electricity or water for more than a year. Many businesses have had to close, making it difficult for people to get even basic supplies. The price of food is spiralling out of control due to shortages. Unemployment has soared and many families have had to use their life’s savings just to survive.

This is one of the world’s worst – and least reported – humanitarian crises. Older people need help now. Without it, they could starve to death or die from treatable illnesses.

  • £33 could pay for a health kit to provide healthcare to community
  • £35 could buy a food package for one person for one month
  • £60 could pay for clean water for a family for three months

Please help us to help them

Image credit: 103-year-old Yemeni man, Rod Waddington/CC BY