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Keep up to date with upcoming events, activities and news from Age UK Stockport. Find out about how we campaign on behalf of older people.

Latest statement from Age UK

'We strongly reject the allegations and interpretation of figures.
'The Age UK Fixed 2 Year tariff offers a good deal and was the market-leading 2 year tariff when launched in January 2015. The Age UK 2 year fixed tariff was within £1 of the very best E.ON 1 year tariff for nearly all of 2015 with the exception of a few weeks at the beginning of the year. The Age UK tariff also compared well with products on offer from other providers throughout the year. This means that our customers on the Age UK tariff had the benefit of a highly competitive price with the added reassurance of certainty for 2 years and the freedom to switch to any other tariff at any time at no cost.

'When customers contact us, they are signposted to E.ON and offered a choice of all four E.ON tariffs and many choose the one year tariff or variable option, however many prefer the reassurance of a fixed tariff for two years. We have no exit fees so customers can move anytime if they find a different deal. This means they can pick a tariff that best suits their needs. E.ON also offers a free Price Alerts system that lets customers know of potentially better deals as soon as they're available.

'The long term commercial partnership includes a typical commission to Age UK of £10 for each customer. Our current agreement with E.ON has seen Age UK benefit from some extra financial support to help us navigate the changes in this volatile marketplace, in recognition of our long history of working together.'

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