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We hope that we succeed in providing great services, but if you feel there are areas that we can improve or if you would like to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure before submitting.

Policy for Complaints/Compliments

Age UK Canterbury, its staff and volunteers aim to provide a quality service. We aim to do so in an effective and friendly manner. We are aware of the need to ensure that each client maintains their dignity and feels that, wherever possible, their wishes are carried out. However, we are aware that there may be some circumstances when a complaint needs to be made.

Age UK Canterbury views any complaint as an opportunity to improve our quality of service and as an opportunity to review our methods of work.

Age UK Canterbury also seeks to review compliments and comments as a positive way to build upon processes that have proven to be beneficial to our clients, staff and volunteers. In addition we have a suggestion box located in the Reception area to support the overall communication process.

The following complaints procedure should help us to deal with the concerns about our service in an impartial and consistent manner; help us identify an area where a service has not performed to a satisfactory standard; help us to identify any unfortunate incidents involving either staff or volunteers.

We welcome comments and views concerning our services.

1.1         Who can make a complaint?

Any person can use the procedure to make a complaint about Age UK Canterbury, its services, management, staff and volunteers.

1.2         What can the complaint be about?

We will investigate complaints about any aspect of the work carried out by Age UK Canterbury, including:

  • Any activity undertaken by the charity
  • Any service provided by the charity
  • The conduct of management
  • The conduct of staff employed by or working on behalf of the charity
  • The conduct of volunteers. 

2.           The Procedure

2.1         The informal process

It is hoped that most complaints could be dealt with at an informal manner. The informal process is as follows:-

  • A written complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt and will be passed to the most appropriate person, in most instances this will be the Chief Officer.
  • An oral complaint will be dealt with by the Chief Officer whenever practicable. If the Chief Officer is not available, then the Deputy Chief Officer will deal with the complaint.

In any instance, the complaint will be resolved within 5 working days. During the informal process, the complainant will be informed of the formal process which can be used if necessary. All complaints and outcomes will be recorded. 

2.2         The formal complaint process 

If the complainant is unhappy with the result of the informal process, or wishes to make an informal complaint in the first instance, then the formal process will be used.

  • The complaint must be in writing, marked as 'strictly confidential' or 'to be opened by addressee only' and addressed to The Chief Officer at

Age UK Canterbury The Centre

Castle Row Canterbury

Kent    CTI 2QY

  • If the complaint is directly concerning the Chief Officer, the complaint should be addressed to the Chairman at the above address. The Chairman will then deal with the complaint, if necessary with the other Trustees.

An acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent within 3 working days of receipt.

The complainant will be assured that their complaint will not affect their continued access to the services provided by Age UK Canterbury.

The complainant will receive a full response from the Chief Officer within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint wherever practicable.

Review process

If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, then they can ask for a review.

  • The request for a review must be in writing and addressed to the Chairman of Age UK Canterbury, (address as above).
  • An acknowledgement of the request will be sent within 3 working days of receipt.
  • The review will be undertaken by the Chairman of Age UK Canterbury supported by the Chief Officer, if this is acceptable to both parties.
  • The Chairman's decision will be forwarded directly to the complainant within 28 days. This decision will be final.

This procedure, together with any complaints received and their outcomes, will be regularly reviewed by the Trustees Board of Age UK Canterbury.

KCC Complaints Procedure

You (or your nominee) can also make a comment or complaint direct to Kent Adult Social Services Customer Care Team, by telephone, email or letter, giving your full contact details, so that KCC can telephone you to discuss your concerns.

Kent Adult Social Services East Kent Area Office Brook House

Reeves Way

John Wilson Business Park Whitstable



Tel:              03000 416 161


Trustees Board approval: November 2012

Date Reviewed: January 2016


If you would like to speak to somebody at our centre, please call 01227 462368, or alternatively you can contact us at: