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We have an exciting new Home Admin service that can help alleviate anxiety for older individuals. Find out more here and don't forget to contact us  for a free enquiry.

What does the service offer?

This service aims to ease the anxiety and stress that can come when organising paperwork at home. The ultimate goal of the service is to make sure bills are paid on time and a person’s day to day affairs run more smoothly.

Bereavement, illness, a house move or any change of circumstances can lead to a person being unable to keep their paperwork in order. Whatever the trigger, our Home Admin Service can create an organised, easily accessible filing system within an individual’s home. We also offer a number of other tasks which can alleviate anxiety, such as;

  • Calendar and address book completion
  • Card writing
  • Gift wrapping and posting of gifts
  • Appointment making
  • Assisting to set up direct debits and standing orders
  • Call assistance to relevant organisations and utility providers
  • Getting online

Documents can be organised in a filing system that suits your needs.


What is the cost?

This is a chargeable service, prices are accurate at the time of publication, October 2021.

1 hour - £17.50

2 or more consecutive hours will be charged at £16.50 an hour. 


Contact Us

We have just launched our new Home Admin Service, call the Helpline to arrange your first appointment