Volunteers are vital to our work - we couldn't run our services for older people without their help and kindness - and we always need more volunteers

The older population of Medway continues to increase in numbers whilst their relatives, younger generation and friends move out to pastures anew. During these times of stress and loneliness, a great void is left by absent relatives and friends who would otherwise be there to tend to the small needs of these older people. Loneliness, itself, is degenerative – it gives rise to other ailments, such as depression. For the majority of people their essential medical needs are met by professional medical staff, but who should tend to their emotional needs?

At Age UK Medway, we take pride in delivering this invaluable volunteering service to the older residents of Medway. Simple things like calling upon someone once or twice a week for about an hour, just to offer companionship and a listening ear makes a huge difference to a person’s quality of life.

Tea Party

People volunteer for various reasons but most do so because it gives them a great sense of achievement – that they have brightened up someone else’s day! Some volunteer because they have retired and wish to utilise their spare time. Others, like students, volunteer to gain hands-on experience and to learn about different types of disabilities, such Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons and various other forms of mental health issues. However, volunteering is not restricted to any profession, everyone is welcome to apply and there is no need for any experience. We provide assistance and continuous support to all our volunteers, including various training which may further their careers.

The Volunteering Services we provide are varied, but here are some that may interest you:

  • Day Centres – Assisting the elderly and serving snacks/meals
  • Minibus escorts – Helping the elderly on and off the minibuses
  • Minibus drivers – Pick up and drop off the elderly to and from the Day Centres
  • Volunteer drivers – Assisting with appointments at G.P. Surgeries or Hospitals
  • Charity shop assistant – Serving customers and carrying out small office administration tasks
  • Information and Advice workers – Help the advising officer with entitlements to State Benefits
  • Befrienders – Offering companionship to the elderly at their homes
  • 'Call In Time' – Occasional friendly calls to the lonely and the isolated
  • Home From Hospital Service - Supporting clients who have recently been discharged from hospital, and aims to reduce the risk of being quickly re-admitted.

Can you picture yourself delivering any of these much needed services to the Medway’s older residents? If so, we would love to have you on board!

Take the first step and call Age UK Medway to start your volunteering journey by contacting us on: 01634 790140. Or via email at SusanParker@AgeUKMedway.org.uk