Man on a phoneAge UK North West Kent believes that people using our services must be safeguarded from all forms of abuse. It recognises that it must at all times protect its service users from the risk of abuse and identify and deal with specific instances of abuse if they occur.

Age UK North West Kent is always aiming for the very best quality of care support and will not be satisfied with anything that falls short of this. It takes every possible action to prevent abuse and to deal with it as promptly and effectively as possible if it occurs.

Click on the link below to view and download a useful and short summary and explanation of what Safeguarding might mean to you.

Age UK North West Kent has produced this Safeguarding guide for the public. 


The Charity has a very comprehensive Safeguarding policy which includes all the useful contact details of the authorities and other agencies who can take any necessary action, offer support and provide guidance.

Click here to view and download the latest policy.