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To download our Complaints Policy with full details about how to complain then click here

Age UK North West Kent aims to consider complaints and achieve a fair and timely resolution in all cases.

Age UK North West Kent aims to eliminate the causes of complaints by learning from each occasion how we have failed to meet the required standard and by implementing effective corrective/preventive actions.

A complaint can be made in person, by phone, or in writing (including e-mail). 

Receipt of your formal complaint will be acknowledged in writing. The complaint will be thoroughly investigated and a written response to the complaint will be made available to you no later than 28 days of your complaint being made.

Should the nature of your 'complaint' fail to meet the criteria to be assessed as a 'formal complaint' then Age UK North West Kent will advise within 10 working days with an explanation as to why this was not regarded as a formal complaint against Age UK North West Kent.

Step 1 Complaints

It is anticipated that the majority of complaints can be resolved satisfactorily on an informal basis at a local level.

Initial complaints are progressed as a Stage 1 complaint and investigated by the appropriate senior manager.  However, these can be elevated to Stage 2 complaints if they are:

  • Of a sufficiently serious nature, e.g. major Health and Safety issues;
  • Allegations of misconduct, violence, safeguarding, etc;
  • Significant issues spanning more than one operational or service department within Age UK North West Kent.
  • Received from an elected representative, e.g. MSP, MP, Councillor, etc.

Step 2 Complaints

It is recognised that some issues cannot be resolved at a local level consequently; there is a need to have a further more formal procedure.

Stage 2 complaints are initiated when:

  • The complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the Stage 1 complaint;
  • The complaint is of a sufficiently serious nature or a significant issue, e.g. major Health and Safety issues, allegations of misconduct, violence, safeguarding, abuse, etc, or is a significant issue spanning more than one service or department within Age UK North West Kent.
  • The complaint has been made by an elected representative, eg MSP, MP, Councillor, etc.

Step 3 Appeals

The complainant has the right to appeal if s/he is dissatisfied with the outcome of the Stage 2 complaint.

An appeal against the outcome of a complaint should normally be lodged within 30 days of the conclusion of the formal complaint.  An appeal should be made to the Chief Executive Officer in writing, outlining the grounds for appeal including any new information, which was not available at the time of the original complaint.

A full response should be provided to the complainant within 10 working days.  In exceptional circumstances this can be extended to 20 working days.  (Exceptional circumstances could include a complex issue relating to more than one area of the operations of Age UK North West Kent or several members of staff).  The reason for the extension should be recorded and intimated to the complainant in the initial acknowledgement letter or follow up letter.

The Charity's Registered Address and Headquarters are:

Age UK North West Kent

The Fleming Resource Centre

Clarence Row



DA12 1HJ